Rand Paul: The science proves people with natural immunity should skip COVID vaccines

Courier Journal

In this Sept. 26, 2018, file photo Sen. Rand Paul Leaves a meeting of Senate Republicans with Vice President Mike Pence on Capitol Hill in Washington. Jacquelyn Martin, AP

It’s long past time for us to say no more to the science deniers. It’s time for us to stand up to Washington bureaucrats who think you’re not smart enough to make your own decisions. These petty tyrants in government and their enablers in the media always think they know best. If you have no proof that people who acquired natural immunity are getting or transmitting the disease in real numbers, then perhaps you should just be quiet.

Vaccines are created to attempt to replicate the immunity we get from having been infected with a disease. I want all the science deniers to read that again. Vaccines are a replacement for natural immunity. In fact, natural immunity from measles confers lifelong immunity and the vaccine immunity wanes over a few decades.

I choose to follow the science with COVID, rather than submit to fear-mongering. In a recent British study, David Wyllie and others found no symptomatic re-infections from COVID-19 after following 2800 patients for several months. In fact, there have been no reports of significant numbers of re-infections after acquiring COVID-19 naturally. Shane Crotty, a virologist at the La Jolla Institute for Immunology, concludes from his experiments that, «The amount of memory would likely prevent the vast majority of people from getting hospitalized disease, severe disease, for many years».

In this study which was published in Science, Crotty showed that antibody levels stayed relatively constant with only «modest declines at 6–8 months». Crotty reported that «Notably, memory B cells specific for the spike protein or RBD were detected in almost all COVID-19 cases, with no apparent half-life at 5 to 8 months after infection.» In other words, Crotty found significant evidence of long-term immunity after COVID infection. Furthermore, Crotty noted, «B cell memory to some other infections has been observed to be long-lived, including 60+ years after smallpox vaccination, or 90+ years after infection with influenza». Rather than being pessimistic toward people gaining immunity after they’ve had COVID, studies argue for significant optimism.

Because what we do know is that there have been no scientific studies arguing or proving that infection with COVID does not create immunity. There have also been no studies showing significant numbers of reinfection. Of the 30 million Americans who have had COVID, only a handful of reinfections have been discovered. Additionally, a recent study shows that vaccines and naturally acquired immunity do effectively neutralize COVID variants.

Participants who had previously been either vaccinated or infected were exposed to four variants of the coronavirus. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, reported that for the participants they «found neutralizing activity of infection- and vaccine-elicited antibodies against 4 SARS-CoV-2 variants, including B. » Their website offers similar information for those who have natural immunity.

That’s great news for everyone except the bureaucrats who are running out of ways to control every aspect of your life!

Whether you have natural immunity or vaccine immunity.

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Source: Rand Paul | Courier Journal

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