Rex Murphy: Media treatment of potentially Watergate-sized Hunter Biden saga reeks of hypocrisy

National Post

Hunter Biden, the son of president-elect Joe Biden, speaks by video feed during the Democratic National Convention, on Aug. 20, 2020. Hunter Biden is the subject of a federal tax probe, it was revealed this week. PHOTO BY DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION/POOL VIA REUTERS

The news and media establishment declared the Hunter Biden story off-limits

They blocked a Watergate-sized story. They saw their “duty” as journalists as being to “not” report, not investigate, not relate a story that might pivot the election of a president. Well done, truth-to-power knights. Now we know Hunter Biden is under investigation.

And was under investigation during the period the great American press went full ostrich, asked no questions, and mightily slammed the few real journalists who did.

“I care neither about Trump nor Biden in this. “ This is not a story about politicians. It is a story about journalists. The public know agenda journalism when they see or hear it.

They also know “woke” advocacy journalism and they resent it. If journalists want to work for “social change” then they should leave the newsrooms, drop the spurious mask of “objectivity” and organize their own protests.

Source: Rex Murphy | National Post

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