Rex Murphy: This isn’t just ‘a political scandal.’ It’s a WE scandal


WE co-founders Craig and Marc Kielburger speak during WE Day Alberta at Rogers Place in Edmonton, on Oct. 22, 2019. PHOTO BY IAN KUCERAK/POSTMEDIA

‘This is a political scandal for the government, not for WE Charity. So, Marc, it’s a scandal you say, but just for the government, not for WE. I presume you mean the present government led by Justin Trudeau. A scandal for the Liberal government.

Who is the dancing partner?

It’s an equally fair surmise that WE Charity, and you two in particular, asked them, urged them, and in some cases paid them to support your enterprise. So it is a little more than rich Marc, as in your opening statement on Monday, to brazenly claim that the scandal is just or only «political». WE received the highest, strongest endorsement Canada has to offer. The prime minister and his family were to all intents and purposes acting as WE patrons.

WE also received, prior to the singular contract to distribute vast millions to Canadian young people, grants from the federal government.

Source: Rex Murphy | NP

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