The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time - Part XXVIII


What I refer to as the «Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time» is the systematic alteration of historical world temperatures to make it appear, falsely, that the most recent months and years are the «warmest ever.» The basic technique of the fraud is the artificial lowering of previously-reported data as to world temperatures in earlier years, in order to erase earlier warmth and amplify the apparent warming trend. The deliverable products of the temperature fraudsters are purported charts of world temperatures derived from a thermometer-based surface record , generally going back to about 1880. The charts are engineered to appear in an iconic «hockey stick» shape, with relatively flat earlier years followed by a sharply rising «blade» in the most recent years. Every few years the government comes out with a new version of these data.

The latest version is called GHCN version 4, which began in 2018. Here is a chart from the Columbia University website showing a side-by-side comparison of the version 3 and version 4 GHCN data. Both show the famous hockey stick shape, although version 4 increases the recent uptick somewhat. You would think that it would be impossible for earlier-year temperatures to change at all, let alone that they would systematically change in a way that just happens to enhance the desired narrative of the promoters of the global warming scare.

Anyway, into this mix now comes a young Japanese woman named Kirye, who has taken up the Heller tradition of compiling and publishing instances of government alteration of the data that underlie the NASA/NOAA temperature charts. A couple of days ago Kirye had a post at NoTricksZone titled «Adjusting To Warm, NASA Data Alterations Change Cooling To Warming In Ireland, Greece.» Adding to Heller’s work, this post goes outside the U. to look at two European countries that ought to have good and reliable temperature data. The post specifically focuses on the period 1988 to present, which is the period of the supposed sharp uptick in temperatures represented by the «blade» of the hockey stick in the NASA/NOAA charts above. What Kirye finds is that in both Ireland and Greece, NASA and NOAA have altered the data to turn a cooling trend into a warming trend for the 1988–2020 period.

Kirye gives a link for these graphs to the NASA/GISS website. The NASA/GISS site has a map of the world with a little dot for each station, and if you click on any station you can get a plot courtesy of NASA that shows both the «unadjusted» and «version 4» temperature series for that station. Kirye has taken both versions straight from NASA itself. It’s just that only when you combine and present the data the way Kirye does do you realize that the bureaucrats have systematically altered the temperature trend for an entire country from down to up.

Can they even attempt to justify what they have done? At the same NASA/GISS page linked by Kirye, I find a further link saying «For details see FAQ.» Maybe I can find the answer here? So I followed that link, and another, and come to the end of my road at this document titled «FAQs on the Update to Global Historical Climatology Network–Monthly Version 3.2.0.» This document specifically relates to the version of GHCN just preceding version 4, but I have no reason to think that the basic methodology has changed. When a shift is detected, the PHA software adjusts temperatures in the historic record upwards or downwards to conform to newer measurement conditions. In this way, the algorithm seeks to adjust all earlier measurement eras in a station’s history to conform to the latest location and instrumentation. Could it be that temperatures are reading lower because it got cooler? Obviously that does not fit the narrative.

Time to declare a «shift.» Now, instead of reporting the cooling trend that is coming from the thermometers, you can adjust the earlier temperatures downward to reflect «new observation technology» or some such never-specified thing. Did they all have station moves and/or «new observation technologies»? NASA doesn’t even pretend to have checked. At the end of the linked NASA document is a further link where you can supposedly get the computer code used for making what they call the «homogeneity corrections.» However, when I try that I don’t get anything I can open.

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Source: Francis Menton | Manhattan Contrarian

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