Trump’s fight for campus justice is only beginning

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It is necessary to indicate that American universities used to be proud of their commitment to freedom of expression and free investigation. And it has been considered that this is the only way in which learning takes place, and you would have to go back to the Middle Ages to find people who did not agree. Only now have the Dark Ages returned, with codes of university speeches, mafias of leftist students with barks and faculties who refuse to hire open conservatives.

Until this week, US President Donald Trump offered one of the most important speeches of his presidency, taking a big step to try to stop the current madness. That being the case, he signed an executive order to authorize the denial of federal funds to universities that suppress the students’ free speech rights. Students who expressed conservative ideas planted crosses for aborted children or handed out Valentine’s Day cards that say “Jesus loves you” have been reported by angry teachers or sent to free speech zones.

A stop in the situation

For Trump, it was necessary to stop this situation and in this way, he said no more. There is no doubt that the federal government grants billions to universities, likewise, the best schools get a billion each. However, this could end according to Trump di is that the rights of free expression are not respected.

It has been said that the recent scandals in which parents paid for their children to attend a good university should dissuade them from the idea that top-down academics pay no attention to the filthy profits. The truth is that nobody prefers money more than the administrators of the university, and you can be sure that they noticed Trump’s speech.

Likewise, it is established that the reason why the intolerant liberal thug feels free to humiliate conservative students is that he will never meet a conservative colleague. And if he did, you would undoubtedly see less extremism and fewer crowds of academic lynchings.

Now, it is essential to mention that the US president pointed out that the current student debt exceeds $ 1 trillion, with 43 million people owing an average of $35,000 in student debt. That being the case, some students owe as much as $200,000 and can never be unearthed.

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