United Airlines roasted on social media for plan to choose pilots by race instead of ability


United Airlines

United Airlines joined other corporations and the US government in making identity characteristics a qualifier for employment. « That’s why we plan for 50% of the 5,000 pilots we train in the next decade to be women or people of color». And they invited those who are women or specifically not white to apply to train for work with United Airlines. The site states that «United expects to hire more than 10,000 pilots over the next decade.» 5,000 of those spots are dedicated to women and people of color by 2030.

United says that «Partner organizations will help identify and recruit top talent.» The «financial barrier to entry for highly qualified and motivated candidates» will be tackled through a partnership with JP Morgan Chase. The emergence of this initiative led Joel Berry of satirical website The Babylon Bee to ask if United would be first trying to figure out why less women go into careers as airline pilots.

Will the existence of United’s diversity quotas create the circumstances under which women and people of color become more interested in piloting planes?

United joins Wells Fargo, which determined to increase black leadership to 12 percent, Ralph Lauren that promised that 20 percent of its global leadership would be people of color, and Delta which is aiming for 14 percent of their officers and directors to be black by 2025. The black population of the US is about 13 percent. Gad Saad simply suggested that the real barrier to entry was to blind pilots, and that they should be prioritized next. This new initiative also makes some wonder if United Airlines was actively discriminating against women and people of color prior to this quota requirement.

United Airlines also came out in opposition to the new voting laws in Georgia, which put them in the ranks of other corporations that have decried voter IDs.

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Source: Libby Emmons |The Post Millennial

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