We must strengthen our Canadian Armed Forces now

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It's Time for Canada to rebuild our Armed Forces The Post Millennial | James Alexander Michie

It has been expressed that Canadians like to think that they live in a sovereign nation, insofar as they have control of their own destiny and likewise make their own decisions. However, that has become increasingly doubtful.

And it is necessary to take into account an important aspect, probably the most important aspect, of being a sovereign country is to have the ability to defend your own nation. Certainly, if you don’t have that, nothing else really matters.

Thus, for a country like Canada, having heavily equipped armed forces would not really be a great challenge, considering their high relative wealth as well as their high level of technology. And yet, the Canadian armed forces are in bad shape.

Problems that must be solved

You can not hide the shortage of pilots as well as the problems of recruitment and it is that the air force is flying leftover 40-year-old planes that other countries do not want likewise it could be said that the navy is tiny and the strategically valuable north is practically helpless.

No doubt Canada lacks the ability to defend its nation by placing the burden of defending its own citizens in its ally, the United States. Thus, it is clear that the problem is that it is unfair to the United States and unfair to Canadian citizens that the government outsource national defense.

Unfortunately, Canada’s political establishment is not willing to take any of this seriously. And it is that in a dangerous world, politicians in Canada continue to ignore the defense of the nation, hoping that things “magically” come out and never face any real danger.

Of course, the world does not work that way. The world is becoming increasingly dangerous, with China and Russia building their Arctic forces, and China’s army expanding at an alarming rate. In that threatening environment, hoping for the best could lead to a total disaster for Canada.

Therefore, it is necessary to begin to see this as the crisis that it really is. The weakness of the armed forces is becoming a growing threat to Canada’s future and undoubtedly that threat must now be addressed.

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Source: Spencer Fernando | The Post Millennial

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