After Last Night, The Failure of Centralized Power Couldn’t Be More Obvious

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By Chris Rossini

Human life, which consists of 7+ billion individually conscious ‘I’s,’ can be described with the words ‘radical decentralization.’

Human life is radically decentralized.

First, there are no carbon copies of the 7+ billion of us. No copies with anyone who lives now, who has lived in the past, or who will show up after us in the future. Even identical twins are one-of-a-kind individuals.

We each perceive, interpret, and uniquely explain the world to ourselves. We each choose what to believe, what we desire, and how to act to achieve those desires.

Radical decentralization.

We’re also equipped with boundless imaginations. We can imagine whatever we want. It can be fact or fiction, true or false, practical or impossible, logical or illogical.

But while we have this liberty of thought, there is only one universal government the whole world lives under. This government cannot be “regime changed.” There can be no coup, overthrow, or abdication. It has the characteristics that man-made governments want, but can never have. This universal government is simply known as the truth.

We can imagine that which is not true. We can even believe that which is not true. But we cannot create, bring about, or turn into reality that which is not true.

So if a person (or group of people) imagine that they can take the radical decentralization of human life, and centralize it under their own command, they are imagining something that isn’t true or achievable.

They can act on their imagination. They can plan and build “structures.” They can add to the “structures” of those who went before them. They can take 100 years, 1,000 years, or even 1,000,000 years to try to erect their centralized control, but it still wouldn’t be true or achievable.

Human life is radically decentralized.

They can create the deadliest weapons that can blow the planet to smithereens, and human life is still radically decentralized.

They can stick a camera and microphone on every square inch of the Earth, and human life is still radically decentralized.

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