The Perilous State of America’s Republic If the United States cannot, in Lincoln’s words, «bind up the nation’s wounds,» and re-emerge as a strong democracy, the end of Western Civilization is in sight. Americans should know how perilous their democracy has become. The majority of Donald Trump’s voters already believe […]

Gold should, in the fullness of time, continue to roughly keep up with that pace. Gold’s local peak in August corresponded with the low in real yields, at -1.08%. If Treasury bonds keep pace with inflation, it can keep gold from overheating too much, but gold should, over a 3–5 […]

How does tyranny arrive and survive? Tyranny is unalloyed evil that is pressed down mercilessly upon the unfortunate masses. In the minds of us enlightened denizens of 21st-century democracies, tyranny is the Reign of Terror in revolutionary France. To those of us who conduct real and regular elections, tyranny seems […]