Omicron is a significant mutation from the original COVID virus. No way, decreed Bennett. Bennett further declared that a «paralyzing wave» of Omicron will overwhelm Israel in ten days. Said deluge will be shorter but more powerful than previous waves, he warned, and will last for eight to nine weeks. Exactly what he bases his forecasting […]

You could learn a lot about Canada’s national psyche from the country’s enduring fascination with the battle of Vimy Ridge, fought 95 years ago this past week. Canadians fought dozens of major battles during the First World War. Vimy fully deserves the honour it carries in the national memory. But the exclusive attention to […]

These are superb times for Canada. The country is in a blossoming moment. The ship of state glides on smooth and halcyon waters, and to quote the poet laureate of prime ministerial sycophancy, Seamus O’Regan, «Our Captain, O Captain» Justin Trudeau is the most luminous presence in every meeting of consequence on the international stage. Trudeau is […]

The most frequent opening conversational gambit that I encountered during the past three very social weeks in the refreshingly mask-free, socially undistanced city of London, was the question of why the Canadian flag on top of Canada House in Trafalgar Square appeared to be permanently at half-mast. I had the heavy duty of […]