Rex Murphy: ‘Greenism’ has helped Putin fuel his war machine


A member of a pro-Russian militia mans a tank on a road in the Luhansk region of Ukraine on Feb. 27, 2022. PHOTO BY ALEXANDER ERMOCHENKO / REUTERS

Will the horror of what is occurring in Ukraine wake up the environmentally ‘woke’ governments of the world to their folly?

Radical environmentalism can be a domineering ideology. You must dismantle the energy systems of the world, the 21st-century communications and commercial systems sustained by oil and gas. The negative consequences which will ineluctably flow from this are unimportant, as to not submit to environmentalist scripture is to bring on the end of the world and the life upon it. How relentlessly have you heard from every high bishop of the environmentalist creed that «the future of our planet is a stake?» From Elizabeth May, to the young Greta, to the vapid Al Gore, to the sublimely ridiculous John Kerry , their voices are as one.

The embrace of this ideology by governments, world leaders, the world’s press and the rich and famous has been the great folly of our time. Germany built windmills so that Putin’s treasury could grow fat, and the dictator could pursue his cruel war. The logic of «Greenism» led to the fallback to so-called renewables, and the predictable failure of the latter in the countries that closed energy plants, banned coal, closed pipelines and fought against any other form of energy, leading inescapably to the acceleration in the price of oil and gas, and the necessity of buying from Russia, and feeding Russia’s economy. All to the benefit of Vladimir Putin.

Our government and its environmentalist allies want to landlock Alberta’s energy.

Source: NP | Rex Murphy

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