LEVY: COVID hypochondriacs dread every case of the sniffles

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It seems the common cold has made a comeback – or at least that it’s still around – but you wouldn’t know it from the continuing hysteria over COVID-19. Just a week ago, I was sick for six days with symptoms similar to those of the contagious Omicron variant of COVID. After five days of downing cough medicine and cold pills, eating the chicken soup my wife made me, and wearing a mask the few times I ventured out, I decided I’d better take a COVID test just to be safe. It wasn’t COVID.

When she learned I had a cold AND that I had tested negative for COVID, she did not even want to meet up with my wife. She suggested that – one – I might test positive the next day, or – two – my wife might get sick or test positive next week. Truth is, neither has happened, and I’d already been sick for five days before I got tested, meaning I’d probably been dealing with symptoms for a week. I’m learning to live with it, but I find it more troubling than the cold symptoms I experienced last week.

I call it COVID Derangement Syndrome. Frankly, anyone I know who has picked up COVID since being vaccinated has experienced very mild symptoms – a mild fever, headache, runny nose – which go away in two or three days. If only we could cancel these paranoid hypochondriacs and the virtue signalling leftists like they cancel free speech.

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Source: Sue-Ann Levy | TNC News

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