On May 2, in a landmark judgment, India’s Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, ruled that «no one can be forced to be vaccinated» and that «bodily integrity and personal autonomy» are protected under the law as a constitutional right. Citing emerging scientific opinion «which appears to indicate that the risk of transmission […]

Panama is a known tax haven with laws encouraging financial privacy protection while being a jurisdiction with one of the globe’s lowest tax regimes. Unlike the approach taken earlier by El Salvador, which legalized Bitcoin in September 2021, making the proof-of-work private cryptocurrency legal tender, Panama’s regulation will be broader. For instance, the country’s policymakers know […]

Ottawa’s promised “just transition” to a new, low-carbon economy is now revealed as a useless sham. Coal miners in Alberta and Saskatchewan have faced transition for several years now. That’s the conclusion of the federal auditor general’s office, which finds that bureaucrats sat on their fat portfolios even as coal workers were losing their […]

In the United States, most of President Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandates have been gutted by the courts and lie in tatters. states have rolled back pandemic restrictions wholly or in large measure. That leaves Canada, which continues to be an outlier in terms of the severity and longevity of COVID-related rules, restrictions and mandates. Federal […]

Abstract Background: Previously, we demonstrated that ivermectin use as prophylaxis for COVID-19 was associated with reductions in COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and mortality rates, and in the risk of dying from COVID-19, irrespective of regularity and accumulated use of ivermectin, in an observational, prospectively obtained data from a strictly controlled city-wide […]