Half the World Faces Starvation Under Net Zero Policies, Say Two Top Climate Scientists

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Two top American scientists have warned that the world will face massive starvation if Net Zero policies ban the production of nitrogen fertiliser derived from fossil fuels. In their paper ‘Challenging ‘Net Zero’ with Science’, Emeritus Professors William Happer and Richard Lindzen of Princeton and MIT respectively, along with geologist Gregory Wrightstone, state that Net Zero – the global movement to eliminate fossil fuels and its emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases – to be “scientifically invalid and a threat to the lives of billions of people”. The authors provide a graph showing a “remarkable” increase in crop yields after the widespread use of nitrogen fertiliser began around 1950, proving the benefits of using such fertiliser. They also quote Professor Steven Koonin, a former Under-Secretary of Science for President Obama, who noted that “observations extending back over a century indicate that most types of extreme weather events don’t show any significant change”. John Christy is a professor of atmospheric science and the Alabama State Climatologist who complied the graph showing the percentage of US weather stations that exceeded 100°F at nearly 1,000 stations across the country, which showed a downward trend in high temperatures over nearly 100 years. All in all, the authors conclude that any present or future Government actions that omit analysis of the disastrous consequences of reducing fossil fuels and CO2 to Net Zero for low income people, people worldwide, future generations and the United States, “is fatally flawed science and appalling government policy”.

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Source: Chris Morrison | The Dialy Sceptic

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