NP View: Chinese interference shows Trudeau can’t run a functioning government

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The Peace Tower on Parliament Hill is seen on Oct. 5, 2021. PHOTO BY ADRIAN WYLD/THE CANADIAN PRESS

The Liberal government’s response to allegations of Chinese election interference has been overtly partisan and dismissive, showing that the federal government is not capable of properly functioning as a country. This was highlighted by the exchanges between MPs at Thursday’s procedure and House affairs committee meeting, where Liberal MP Greg Fergus suggested that reports in the media were examples of “foreign interference”. This was a new argument, and a slap in the face to those who voted Liberal in 2015 due to promises of honesty and transparency. Furthermore, Liberal MP Mark Gerretsen suggested that Stephen Harper was to blame for China’s attempts to influence Justin Trudeau through donations in 2014.

The lack of seriousness of the federal government is clear, as Canada relies too heavily on the United States for national defence. This has been especially evident in the last year, where control of multiple border crossings was ceded to the protesters with almost no resistance and then governments squabbled over who was in charge. Clearly, the Liberals need to take allegations of foreign interference seriously, and answer questions about who was aware of CSIS warnings, and about any MPs who may have willingly participated in China’s schemes.

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