Astudy published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that people vaccinated against COVID-19 remained contagious with the virus for a longer period of time than their unvaccinated counterparts. From July 2021 through January 2022, researchers studied 66 participants who contracted COVID-19, including 32 people with the Delta variant and 34 with […]

Readers of the Mises Wire are most likely familiar with the Volcker moment. This was when former Fed chair Paul Volcker, in the face of steep price inflation, skyrocketed rates to nearly 20 percent. While critics of the Volcker moment complain that such a move also skyrocketed unemployment to almost 11 percent, it cannot be […]

Inflation is a mechanism that government people use to fund wars, tyrannical governments, and favors to cronies. Inflation takes away significant fractions of the real value of savings. Savings are accumulated slowly. Inflation depletes savings’ real value quickly. Inflation most greatly hurts the people who earn less income and retirees, whose income doesn’t inflate as much […]

There’s a ton of focus in financial media about how high energy prices will go, or how low they will fall. However, I think a lesser-understood aspect of this current energy and inflation problem relates to time. The Integral of Energy Prices One reason I’ve been structurally bullish on energy stocks is that […]