Psychedelic column december Rolling Stones | James Alexander Michie

Microdosing, where people take miniscule amounts of substances to change patterns of behavior, has brought psychedelics to the mainstream. But is there more to be gained with a much higher dose? Read the original article. Would you care for a drop of LSD in your morning tea? A capsule of psilocybin-mushroom […]

Having crushed the resistance to its rule in Hong Kong, China is moving against Taiwan with irregular tactics meant to exhaust the island’s military — which is in bad shape to confront the threat. It’s unclear how the incoming Biden administration will respond. TAIPEI — Months after eliminating a popular challenge to its rule in […]

Sweden spiked | James Alexander Michie

Sweden’s strategy was subjected to a global smear campaign, but now it’s showing results. Before the coronavirus, Sweden for most people symbolised moderation and fairness. But since Covid, this Scandinavian social democracy has been maligned like few other countries on earth. The reason is, of course, that Sweden did not follow […]

The Wall Street Journal just published an article on Hydrogen where half the page was taken up with a propaganda-like illustration worthy of Pravda. It begins with the statement: “In a world shifting away from fossil fuels, major energy companies are making a grab for the rising hydrogen market.” Is […]