Will the horror of what is occurring in Ukraine wake up the environmentally ‘woke’ governments of the world to their folly? Radical environmentalism can be a domineering ideology. You must dismantle the energy systems of the world, the 21st-century communications and commercial systems sustained by oil and gas. The negative consequences which will […]

Are there no hero MPs willing to denounce this gross usurpation of citizens’ rights? The police in Ottawa are already fully engaged in exercising their powers under the Emergencies Act. Parliament was supposed to meet to debate the imposition of the act. Not even in the pale, restricted, sporadic pretence of a Parliament we […]

Since COVID-19 started its spread around the world in 2020, the global economy has been put to the test with supply chain disruptions, price volatility for commodities, challenges in the job market, and declining income from tourism. To analyze the extent of global debt, we’ve compiled debt-to-GDP data by country from the most recent World Economic […]

We must not aim simply to restore ‘normality’ for children. Many took to social media in the aftermath, trying to make sense of how the abuse of these defenceless children could have occurred. Some were vehement that Arthur’s death, was the result of lockdown and school closures, whilst others argued that such claims only detract […]

Abstract Background: Previously, we demonstrated that ivermectin use as prophylaxis for COVID-19 was associated with reductions in COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and mortality rates, and in the risk of dying from COVID-19, irrespective of regularity and accumulated use of ivermectin, in an observational, prospectively obtained data from a strictly controlled city-wide […]