crisis table real investment advice | James Alexander Michie

I want to discuss a recent WallStreet Journal article by Ruchir Sharma entitled “The Rescues Ruining Capitalism.” We talk much about the bailouts and stimulus programs related to the economic shutdown and pandemic. However, the bailouts began back in 2008 when the Federal Reserve intervened with the insolvency of Bear […]

Canadian Muslim Voting Guide Toronto Sun | James Alexander Michie

A voting guide intended for Muslim people living in Canada breaches federal law, says the country’s Elections commissioner. In 2019, Wilfrid Laurier University published the taxpayer-funded Canadian Muslim Voting Guide, which apparently broke federal law, says Elections Commissioner Yves Cote, as reported by Blacklock’s Reporter. The guide — which was financially backed […]

Witch Burning AIER | James Alexander Michie

Lockdown is a blunt, indiscriminate policy that forces the poorest and most vulnerable people to bear the brunt of the fight against coronavirus. As an infectious diseases epidemiologist, I believe there has to be a better way. That is why, earlier this month, with two other international scientists, I co-authored […]

Money Printing Feature Lyn Alden | James Alexander Michie

Lately, it has become fashionable to debate what is, or is not, “money-printing” by central banks. This debate is natural, due to the extreme policy nature of 2020, with massive fiscal expenditures, huge increases in central bank balance sheets, and changes in central bank inflation targets. It’s important to know […]

Dave Chan Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau AFP MSN | James Alexander Michie

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended free speech on Friday, but added that it was “not without limits” and should not “arbitrarily and needlessly hurt” certain communities. “We will always defend freedom of expression,” Trudeau said in response to a question about the right to show a caricature of the […]

Marijuana, i.e., cannabis, is now legal in eleven states for recreational use, thirty-three states for medical purposes, and another sixteen states have decriminalized it (usually fines for possession of small amounts). The upcoming election will see several legalization ballot measures, including recreational use legalization in Arizona, Montana, and New Jersey […]

Gold The Gold Telegraph | James Alexander Michie

Gold has been used as a medium of exchange for thousands of years and has held its value throughout that time. That is what makes gold so desirable. Gold has always represented undiluted value and a financial hedge against bad economic times. The fact is, however, that the supply of […]