A college student recently wrote the following in a campus newspaper about her climate anxiety I stay up into the early hours of the morning, Googling some variation of «Is there hope for climate change,» and «Biden climate change plan good?» I fret over every piece of waste I encounter, wondering whether […]

Seemingly out of nowhere what appears to be a Southwest Airlines rebellion has taken flight this weekend. According to media reports, scores of pilots and other Southwest employees have coordinated the taking of «sick days» to use them up in advance of a Southwest Airlines mandate to get the jab or lose […]

By the numbers, the $3.5 trillion Biden budget is dizzying. If that weren’t staggering enough, the president’s budget places a nearly $70 trillion burden on the shoulders of American taxpayers over the next decade. Nearly $5.5 trillion would be diverted from the private sector to new government spending over the next 10 years, according to […]