Having crushed the resistance to its rule in Hong Kong, China is moving against Taiwan with irregular tactics meant to exhaust the island’s military — which is in bad shape to confront the threat. It’s unclear how the incoming Biden administration will respond. TAIPEI — Months after eliminating a popular challenge to its rule in […]

A sales assistant packs a 1000 gram gold bar Reuters | James Alexander Michie

SHANGHAI (Reuters) — Chinese regulators and major banks are rushing to curb precious metal trading by domestic investors to temper speculation that some fear could cause a repeat of this year’s oil trading mishaps. The scramble to limit risks comes as gold prices hit record highs this week, spurred by investors hunting […]

Justin Trudeau James Alexander Michie

The current prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is surely preparing to face an ugly re-election campaign this October. This is said based on the exchanges with voters in the city councils this month. There he was interrogated on issues ranging from immigration to housing affordability. It should be noted […]