Democrat Efforts to Use Coronavirus to Defeat Trump Will Fail

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A shopper and cashier both wear masks and gloves and the cashier also has on a plastic visor at the checkout station Pat's Farms grocery store in Merrick, New York, on March 31, 2020. (Al Bello/Getty Images)

It has already become a cliché to assert that the United States (and other advanced western countries) must not catapult their economies backward into debt-ridden depression in emancipating themselves from the specter of the coronavirus, and it has become a political pinata sadistically assaulted by President Donald Trump’s enemies that America must not be reopened prematurely, (to ensure that the whole country is in such a desolated economic condition on election day, even so tired and unprepossessing a generic Democrat as Joe Biden might have a chance of election).

The contest between these two already tiresome refrains in public discourse is already clangorous and can only become less euphonious with repetition and increased volume. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, leaving no barrel unscraped, added on CNN on Sunday that the president should be investigated for his administration’s tardiness in enhancing the ability to test for diseases, that was in the anemic condition that, (to quote the putative Democratic presidential nominee) “the OBiden-Bama administration” left it in.

This is the Democratic strategy: nominate a semi-comatose party wheel-horse with a peppy African-American female running mate and throw red meat to the Trump-haters by accusing the president of dithering about testing while the momentum of the coronavirus accelerated, and then of stamping on the windpipe of the American worker, investor, and middle class with a totalitarian shut-down of the economy needlessly prolonged by the regime’s short-sightedness and obduracy.


If this is their game-plan, we have seen the Democratic future and it won’t work. Trump was accused of “racism” and “xenophobia” by prominent Democrats (including Joe Biden), for shutting down direct access from China in January, and his economic relief measures will hold the country together at least through April.

Unless the same powers that be in the Democratic Party that carried Biden to the finish line ahead of the democratic Marxist Senator Sanders, now revisit their candidate and convince him that duty requires that Biden withdraw, presumably in favor of New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, who might make a respectable race against Trump, the whole ramshackle, punch-drunk, Trumpophobic Democratic gerontocracy is headed for the last round-up on election day.

Instead of a war of platitudes — “cure worse than the disease” and “throwing the baby out with the bath-water” against “lives are more important than dollars” and “how many deaths are acceptable” — we have to spend April, when the shut-down will continue and the improvised emergency social safety net will be tested, putting the country in a position to make an informed decision about going back to work and school and, for those so-minded, church.

The high-light of authoritarian leftist political absurdity for the week was New York Mayor Bill de Blasio threatening to shut permanently any church that dared to hold a religious service. He narrowly edged out the mayor of Washington, D.C. Muriel Bowser, who threatened to jail anyone who ventured out of doors. Not even Hitler or Stalin tried that one.

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