Dr Makary: CDC guidance on Chickenpox vaccine exposes agency’s contradictory COVID messaging

Fox News

Marty Makary on Tuesday accused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of “cherry-picking” data and manipulating public health guidance surrounding vaccines and natural immunity to support a political narrative. Travis noted that the CDC’s guidance on COVID-19 is inconsistent with their vaccine recommendations for other contagious viruses. The current guidance for the Chickenpox, for example, does not encourage those who have contracted it to vaccinate themselves against the virus. “CDC recommends two doses of chickenpox vaccine for children, adolescents, and adults who have never had chickenpox,” the official website reads.

“So why doesn’t CDC say the same thing about those of us who already had COVID?” Travis asked. “Makary called the conflicting guidance “absolutely illogical,” and accused the agency of “ignoring natural immunity. “It doesn’t make sense with what they’re putting out on Chickenpox,” he said. “They cherry-pick the data to support whatever they’ve already decided,” he continued.

“When we do that, we see that getting vaccinated is actually a much lower risk and higher benefit proposition than allowing our kids to get COVID and run the risk of having complications”.

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Source: Yael Halon | Fox News  

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