EDITORIAL: Liberals know their gun ban won’t work

Toronto Sun

The first indication Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ban of 1,500 “military-grade” and “assault-style” weapons in Canada isn’t serious about reducing gun crime, is that these terms don’t exist in Canadian law.

What that means is that the government doesn’t know how many of these firearms there are in Canada, so how is it going to determine the effectiveness of a ban?

The second indication Trudeau isn’t serious comes from the government’s own examination of the issue of banning handguns and assault weapons last year.

It concluded: “The vast majority of owners of handguns and of other firearms in Canada lawfully abide by requirements, and most gun crimes are not committed with legally-owned firearms.

“Any ban of handguns or assault weapons would primarily affect legal firearms owners …

“In all cases, the data does not conclusively demonstrate that these handgun or assault weapon bans have led to reductions in gun violence …”

The government paper did say banning handguns and assault weapons would indirectly impact illegal gun sales.

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Source: Toronto Sun

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