GUNTER: Trudeau’s blaming Harper on vaccines — but it goes back to Chretien

Toronto Sun
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Scientists are working on creating a vaccine for coronavirus. PHOTO BY STOCK PHOTO /Getty Images

You could almost watch the little cogs turning inside the federal Liberals’ brains this week.

How were they going to blame their failure to get in line early for COVID vaccines on their favourite bogeyman, Stephen Harper?

There are two big reasons why Canadians may have to wait until March for the first large-scale doses of anti-COVID vaccines. Meanwhile Americans, Brits, Germans and others could begin getting inoculations as early as three weeks from now.

First, the Trudeau government was waaaay late placing orders for effective vaccines.

Remember in the early days of the pandemic, Trudeau was frantic to show China was not responsible. He scolded Canadians for claiming China was the source or for insisting Chinese government actions made the worldwide spread worse.

Trudeau placed Canada’s first vaccine bet on a long-shot Chinese version.

When that didn’t pan out, he then put his markers on a made-in-Canada solution that wasn’t much more than a scientific daydream.

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Source: Lorne Gunter | Toronto Sun

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