John Robson: Time for Americans to face the facts about Donald Trump (and his supporters)

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U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during election night in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC, early on Nov. 4, 2020. PHOTO BY MANDEL NGAN/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

It is clear that it would be really constructive if the people who hate Trump could admit that their voters weren’t all evolutionary errors, and on top of that, if the people who love Trump could admit that, if he himself was not an Evolution error, it was not for not trying.

Now, it is time to face the facts about the American elections. If you do, you could leave behind four years of hallucinatory division and abuse and go, as they say, to four more years. But if we still do not know who won, or why in the home of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Apple it is difficult to count the votes by mail quickly, we can say that there is more to this phenomenon than “Orange Man Bad”.

In search of obtaining something useful regarding this election, leaving aside “President Joe Biden” that is, he does not count, here is a fact that without a doubt it is necessary to face, Donald Trump did not elect himself.

Time to dare and face things

It is necessary to bring up several facts that clearly need to be faced. People who have spent the past four years tweeting “Orange Man Bad” and, especially in Canada, despite an electorate who dares to reply, will be tempted to say that nearly half of American voters, some 70 million Americans, They are horrible people and, in fact, they are outside the “Clinton Archipelago” (Google) is little else.

In case you certainly reject that offensive stereotype, here are two other unsettling facts to face about the violation of the “Blue Wall” of the Midwest. First, the Republicans are now the party of the “outs”. And second, many Americans hate identity politics.

Democrats may not believe it either. They are convinced that they have been the child’s party since at least 1932. In fact, for years they have defined people in collective terms. They were groups of victims intended to ride to one quiet victory after another: blacks, Latinx, women, gays, and now boutique intersectional groups, too, while angry white men were reduced to a deserved insignificance.

With Biden winning, it would be very constructive if Trump haters could admit that his voters were not all evolutionary mistakes, that for all his grave personal and political flaws, there were good reasons to back him. Not just in terms of the specific political triumphs of peace taxes in the Middle East, although experts surely would have praised them in a Democrat.

It’s clear that many Americans have legitimate grievances with modernity, from postmodernism to radical gender fluid theory, the hollowing out of the economy, and the insistence that after 60 years of great changes of hearts and laws, the land of the Free is a hideous racist swamp.

Source: John Robson | National Post

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