Kulldorff Deleted: Famed Epidemiologist and Early Opponent of Lockdowns Banned by LinkedIn


Just a few days ago, I linked to an epic article in the history of the pandemic response. Finally, he decided to post it on his LinkedIn account. The posting of this article was an important moment in the modern historiography of lockdowns and the response. It became very easily the most important English-language dissent against the unprecedented and catastrophic response deployed by states all over the world.

LinkedIn made this possible because it allowed its users the freedom to post their thoughts.

The full banning is so new that Google still believes that the page is there

Here is where Martin’s personal page resided until just a few hours ago. Here is where his April 10, 2020, article appeared. This article is posted on Brownstone where anyone can read it. If you look up the exact title of this article, the first link is to the now-defunct LinkedIn version.

I scrolled through ten pages of search results and found nothing about the Brownstone version. DuckDuckGo gives better results, such that the reprinted article on Brownstone appears on page 3. It could take months for the search results to reflect the change, and perhaps the reprinted version will never appear. It’s impossible to avoid the sense that the whole history of the pandemic and the response are being rewritten in real time by Big Tech to cover up what happened, who wrote what and when, and how the thing fleshed itself out in real time.

That Kulldorff used the Great Barrington Declaration as his cover picture gives you a hint of where this is going. One might have supposed that LinkedIn would somehow be above the fray engaged by low-end platforms like Facebook and Twitter, that it would behave more professionally. Martin, like so many millions of others, has invested vast time and focus on his LinkedIn profile. Now the entire thing is deleted – not even in response to anything he lately posted but mostly likely in retaliation for his role in crafting the Great Barrington Declaration, a document which is now on the verge of global fame for being 100% correct on the best-possible response.

Now Martin himself has been deplatformed from the world’s most important professional social network – as if he does not matter as a professional or even as a human being. This is personally very devastating to me because I’ve written so much in defense of LinkedIn as a worker empowerment tool that grants individuals rights to choose their institutional affiliations and carry with them from place to place their own personal networks and thus not to be depersoned by large corporations.

Sure, all that’s great until – until LinkedIn itself decides to make you and everything you have written and posted suddenly disappear, making it seem as if you do not exist and never have existed. It seems designed to whitewash the lockdowns, pretending as if there was never any credible opposition. This is being done by human hands with intentionality. It’s about dogma, about rewriting history, about deplatforming dissent in all its forms, and about an attempt to impose an orthodoxy in which the lockdowners and mandaters are and always were correct.

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