Lockdowns killed more Canadians under 65 than COVID-19: Statscan

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Over the same time period, 1380 Canadians in the same age group died because of COVID-19 itself. «Beyond deaths attributed to the disease itself, the pandemic could also have indirect consequences leading to an increase or decrease in the number of deaths due to various factors, including delayed medical procedures, increased substance use, or a decline in deaths attributable to other causes, such as influenza,» the report says. 

Statistics Canada acknowledged lockdowns had a significant impact on the number of deaths in Canada, particularly among younger people. «Excess mortality is, in large part, related to other factors such as increases in the number deaths attributed to causes associated with substance use and misuse, including unintentional poisonings and diseases and conditions related to alcohol consumption,» read the report.

As more Canadians were forced to stay at home and vital services and businesses were forced to close, an opioid crisis developed while governments focused on reducing the spread of COVID-19. Statistics Canada confirmed that the increased usage of drugs had a significant impact on the mortality rate during the pandemic. Nine in 10 deaths had a secondary cause listed on the death certificate. Canadians have been victims of some of the strictest public health orders in the world, rivalling communist countries like China and Cuba.

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Source: Harrison Faulkner | TNC News 

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