Opinion: Progressives ruined San Francisco, but at least ‘advocacy’ is thriving

The Washington Post

Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco, shown in April 2020. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)

In 2018, there were 20,933 calls to San Francisco’s government complaining about human feces. In those years, in clement Miami, the unsheltered population declined 50 percent. Last year in San Francisco, there were 6,275 registered complaints about used hypodermic needles in public places. In 2001, the city gave between $320 and $395 cash per month to the homeless while Oakland, across the Bay, gave $24.

Guess which city had more homeless addicts. San Francisco has been a magnet for those who like its combination of abundant drugs and lax law enforcement. In 2014, progressive California voters redefined as a misdemeanor shoplifting of items valued at less than $950. In 1983, «activists» mobilized hundreds of the homeless to march on City Hall chanting «Don’t be a louse! Give me a house!» The rule since 2009 is that when public housing is an entitlement, it is not conditional on mentally ill or addicted tenants accepting treatment.

Meanwhile, Shellenberger says, «drug overdoses are the leading cause of death for non-elderly San Franciscans, accounting for 29 percent of deaths of residents under sixty-five in 2019.» Last year, about one-third as many San Franciscans died of covid-19 as died of drug overdoses. «Many of the people who enjoy some of the highest levels of prosperity and freedom in human history are also the least grateful, and least loyal, to the civilization that made it possible.» He asks, «What kind of city regulates ice cream stores more strictly than drug dealers?» One with a long pedigree of progressivism.

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Source: George F. Will | The Washington Post

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