Planet Earth Is Healthier Than Ever, Thanks to Global Warming

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Green planet: tropical rainforests have produced more growth in response to rising carbon dioxide. (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Flickr, CC BY 2.0

China claims it aims to reduce CO2 emissions when in fact it aims for the opposite. The planet’s ecology is thriving thanks to carbon dioxide, despite first world policies that are undermining it. The ironic benefactors in this story are countries of the third world, led by China, whose emissions are doing the most to green the planet. As noted in a 2018 Nature study that tracked the changes from 1982 to 2016, although Earth lost some tree cover where forests became farmlands, especially in Brazil and other South American countries, those losses were far exceeded by new forests.

Overall, since 1982, Earth’s tree cover increased by 2.24 million square kilometers, an addition to nature’s bounty of 7.1 percent. CO2, while a blessing to Earth’s ecology, has been a curse to Earth’s economy, particularly that of the developed countries. Unlike China, which paid lip-service to getting off fossil fuels, Western countries swallowed the climate-change narrative whole. Canada and the United States cancelled pipelines and shut down perfectly good coal-fired electricity generating plants.

Germany shut down coal plants. Most countries in the European Union massively subsidized wind and solar energy in a desperate attempt to make them viable while taxing fossil fuels. To encourage the rest of the world to abandon fossil fuels, the West shifted its foreign aid to reward third world countries that switched to renewables. The result of forgoing economic, reliable fossil fuels in favor of uneconomic, unreliable renewables has been energy shortages and unaffordable energy.

An estimated 150,000 older Britons could be forced into fuel poverty by the spring and almost 25 percent of Scots already suffer from fuel poverty, many of them forced to disconnect from the grid. Germany is bracing itself for blackouts and a tripling of industrial electricity prices. Throughout all this chaos in energy markets, China never strayed from its goal of developing fossil fuels, and never failed to do its utmost to thwart the West from doing the same, even working with Western NGOs to encourage Western countries to go renewable.

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Source: Patricia Adams, Lawrence Solomon | The Epoch Times

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