Rex Murphy: Prorogue Parliament? What Parliament?

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Storm clouds pass by the Peace tower and Parliament hill Tuesday August 18, 2020 in Ottawa. ADRIAN WYLD / THE CANADIAN PRESS

It is considered to extend the Parliament, now, it is really important to consider various questions that have arisen in this situation, how do you stop something that is already stopped? Prorogue Parliament? What Parliament?

They are certainly unknowns that have arisen and that no one can deny. Likewise, today everything is the internet. In relation to this, it is necessary to highlight the fact that on Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was a very busy guy and that is that there was the necessary farewell for the former finance minister, Bill Morneau, who was implied that he has been called in by the sirens of the OECD and lured to seek their leadership. Realizing that he could not be present for the “long-term” recovery from the COVID panic if so, the night before he had announced that he would leave both the finance minister’s portfolio and his seat in the Commons.

In this way, it has been said that it has been a very painful blow for everyone, of course, but even so, it was a great relief that he made it very clear, his departure, was not in any way due to that murky adventure with the boys of WE, and the whirlwind of internal, hidden connections lobbying and neglect everywhere associated with his now messy WE Charity and all of her multiform limbs.

Free from fables

Without a doubt, for many, it was very good to hear that he was leaving for other reasons, which will be, with his fingers crossed. Likewise, as he can, happily the prime minister himself, was even more trapped, along with his closest and loved ones, in the toils of young humanitarian promoters, Marc and Craig Kielburger, than his finance minister.

Added to that, the best news about the extension is considered to be that we can finally be free of WE Days, and all the horrible fables associated with it, as well as the billion-dollar fund, the massive and unacknowledged lobbying, the speaking fees and, most of all, those terribly skilled and equally boring WE Days. So now we can understand, we are drifting, like so many other liberal setbacks, to oblivion in the final days of our plague-ridden summer 2020.

Now, it is necessary to bring up that it is considered that it is possible that with a little luck, in this new and brave Canada that is to come, the combustion engine will be banned and anyone who is caught with a heater in their home will be transferred Somewhere far to the north and forced to watch the melting Arctic ice and starving polar bears.

Source: Rex Murphy | National Post

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