Rex Murphy: Trudeau’s handling of Afghanistan is our great national shame

Canada Election Reuters NP | James Alexander Michie

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivers a speech as he visits Nafisa Middle Eastern Cuisine restaurant during his election campaign tour in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada August 27, 2021. PHOTO BY CARLOS OSORIO /Reuters

This election may have begun as an opportunistic whim of a self-involved prime minister, but it is clearly something else now. One presumes that the PMO, despite the raging pandemic, thought that a Canadian election in August, with the Liberals riding high in the polls and the PM’s approval versus other leaders high as well, it would be a romp. I’m not talking about Chrystia Freeland’s dive into amateur-film making, particularly the kind that doctors a public statement to say the exact opposite of what the statement actually imports. To have her revealed as just another misleading politician doesn’t help the cause, and actually contributes to the growing impression the Liberals are running scared.

Their premature, idle, needless and opportunistic election is creating more than a little backlash. Monsef has the utterly bizarre conception that the Taliban are «our brothers.» I take it she has never in her entire public career ever met a single Canadian soldier, male or female, and for sure never a single Canadian soldier who served in Afghanistan. For had she, this insulting and weird and almost demonically ill-timed slush of a public pronouncement could never have escaped the most unguarded of lips.

Source: Rex Murphy | NP

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