The Five Waves of the Cannabis Industry An Interview with Canopy Rivers President Narbe Alexandrian

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It is necessary to know about an area before investing in it. The more you know about it, the better it is. For this, a good option to learn more about the subject or area in which you want to involve is to consult people who really know and master the subject. That they are extremely intelligent when it comes to making a decision or something similar with respect to the area or industry that is desired.

In this way, Keith Schaefer has said “before starting to invest in a new sector, I want to talk to the smartest people in that industry. The president of Canopy Rivers (RIV-TSXv) Narbe Alexandrian is one of those people in the growing marijuana sector. I recently sat down with Narbe and could learn a lot about how this public venture capital firm has achieved some initial successes, and how and its team is positioning the company as marijuana, hemp and CBD gaining acceptance around the world”.

Likewise, Schaefer believes that through this interview you can learn a lot about the industry, such as Alexandrian. Who sees what is developing and a little more color in what he considers the biggest catalyst for his actions this year: his very important investment in a company called PharmHouse.

The interview

Schaefer at the beginning of the interview was full of questions, especially about how Canopy Rivers is positioning in the long term. But he starts with a specific question, how did you start with Canopy Rivers?

To which Alexandrian replied “I joined Canopy Rivers about eight months ago. My experience has been mainly in the technology trade” also he added, “I made the switch to cannabis when I started seeing the same things that I saw in the Canadian technology industry in 2011/2012. At that time, there were no real venture capitalists in technology, companies needed to move to the United States when they reached a certain size, because there was a lack of capital in Canada”.

There were several questions Schaefer asked, including what is all this time and effort concentrated on? How do you see the development of the marijuana business in the coming years and where do you think it is the best place to place investors’ money?

And for this Alexandrian expressed: “We believe that the cannabis industry will move in five different waves, in any developed country that is seeking legalization”.

Likewise, the five waves of the cannabis industry are established. Where the first wave is cultivation. The second is the wave of auxiliary businesses. The third wave is consumer goods. The fourth wave is great pharmaceutical. While the last one, of course, is wave five, which is the mass market

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Source: Keith Schaefer | LinkedIn

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