James Alexander Michie is a Canadian businessman born in 1963

“J” as his friends know him is often traveling great distances to meet clients and contacts, to network, and to get a “hands on” feel for the world economy to best identify investment opportunities. He has based in several countries over the years including the USA, Switzerland, the UK, his native Canada and now Latin America.

J is a proud father of three children, son Alexander 30, insurance sales person that lives in Vancouver, BC, daughter Nicole 27, who works in the hospitality industry in Vancouver, B.C. and son Mathew 25, who is an officer cadet attending and playing CIS hockey for The Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario.

Partnering in 2003 with one of the oldest Swiss private banks, Hottinger, J established an asset management company in Zurich Switzerland namely Alpine Atlantic. The company then grew into two companies one servicing US clients specifically and the other servicing all non-American clients. J has been active in investment banking activities over the past thirty years and has raised over $200M of start-up capital for various ventures.

J is an avid snow skier and is a “gym rat” that thoroughly enjoys working out, boxing with the famous Duran family in Panama and hiking mountain trails whenever he gets the chance. He also enjoys photography and social networking.

J’s favourite team sport is hockey. Having grown up in Canada and playing competitive hockey he was also raised in a family that owned and operated a junior A hockey team thus J’s hockey knowledge and contacts is extensive. Through Hockey Canada J has attended several High-Performance coaching seminars and camps. He has been a regional scout and senior consultant for teams in the CHL, NCAA, BCHL & EHL. Currently, he is the North American representative for ISM a Swiss-based agency representing athletes in professional hockey and many other sports and Western Canadian representative of the Boston Management Group. J has coached minor hockey at various levels and served as a coaching coordinator in a minor hockey association in Canada.

In the 1990’s J was a children’s rights advocate assisting children in maintaining meaningful relationships with both parents at the time of divorce and separation through his creation of a non- profit “Kids In Divorce Society”. He has also represented parents in family court who were overwhelmed with the litigation process and could not afford legal representation. In addition to representing others, J has litigated his own case in a 12-day trial. Opposing counsel were lawyers of a national Canadian firm, comprising a senior partner and junior associate. As a result of the trial J was successful in reducing his pre-trial obligations by 65% and had all other relief dismissed as a result of the trial or abandoned by opposing counsel before trial. Currently, J is a director of Movement Exchange, a charity providing dance opportunities for orphaned children in Panama.

Recently, J has become an aspiring author and expects to release his first book in 2020 titled “Look over your shoulder, no, the other shoulder.” A story based on his personal experience of having survived the massive challenges of a vicious international stalking and slander campaign that went on for years until the law intervened against the perpetrators. The story also covers his miraculous ride back to success. In 2021 J plans on releasing his second book “Daily Virtues”, a book based on successful traits of successful and balanced people.