The Wall Street Journal just published an article on Hydrogen where half the page was taken up with a propaganda-like illustration worthy of Pravda. It begins with the statement: “In a world shifting away from fossil fuels, major energy companies are making a grab for the rising hydrogen market.” Is […]

We warned about this move many months ago and just 6 days ago we issued a research post suggesting Gold had cleared major resistance and would start a rally mode to push above $2000 — possibly above $2100. Well, guess what happened right after we made that statement? Yup — Gold started to rally […]

And you’ll never see it coming. A reminder for those making predictions. You would have never believed it if, in the mid-1980s, someone told you that in the next two decades the Soviet Union would collapse, Japan’s economy would stagnate for 20 years, China would become a superpower, and North Dakota […]

If a government wishes to alleviate, rather than aggravate, a depression, its only valid course is laissez-faire — to leave the economy alone. Only if there is no interference, direct or threatened, with prices, wage rates and business liquidation, will the necessary adjustment proceed with smooth dispatch. — Murray Rothbard, America’s Great Depression The […]

A healthy currency must reflect our relationship with nature. Two trillion dollars is the estimated cost of the fiscal stimulus bill that was passed this week by the US senate. Over the past two weeks, governments and central banks worldwide have taken the decision to combat the effects of the coronavirus […]