Climate Change Committee misled Parliament about the cost of Net Zero


London, 26 September – The Sunday Telegraph reports today that Parliament was misled into supporting Net Zero plans to decarbonise the economy. The Climate Change Committee told MPs that British households and businesses would face only a modest cost for reaching Net Zero emissions in 2050, but analysis of their financial models by the Global Warming Policy Forum shows that key assumptions were not credible even at the time the report was published.

Parliament was, in essence, misled and Net Zero was badly mis-sold. “In a striking new development, the Sunday Telegraph is also reporting that they were initially given misleading information by the CCC, in an attempt to cover up the error and prevent publication. “

Dr. Peiser said that the CCC’s attempts to whitewash the matter meant that this supposedly independent advisor to the government could no longer be seen as a credible source

“Craig Mackinlay MP, chairman of the parliamentary Net Zero Scrutiny Group, told the Sunday Telegraph that the findings were “scandalous” and that Parliament had been “misled”.

Cost of electric vehicles

The extremely optimistic assumptions made by the CCC about Electric Vehicles are crucially important to their overall cost estimates. Simply changing the shape of the curve to a straight line decline between 2019 and 2050, for all categories of EV, adds £0.7 trillion to the cost of Net Zero. Reducing the rate of decline to 3% per decade more than doubles the cost of Net Zero, amounting to a bill of £60,000 per household. Holding EV prices steady would increase the bill by £2.1 trillion, or £75,000 per household.

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Source: Net Zero Watch

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