Florida Registers Nation’s Lowest COVID Case Numbers


A decent human being would understand this data as a cause for celebration, especially for all of the corporate press reporters and pundits who expressed «deep concern» for Florida when its COVID numbers went up earlier this year in tandem with its annual respiratory season. Yet somehow, I am struggling to find these once «very concerned» reporters updating us on the status of Florida. Far from reporting on the decline in cases while Florida remains open and free, the corporate press in the state has now pivoted to entertaining Blue Anon conspiracy theories about DeSantis and his staff. They claim, without evidence, that there is a massive conspiracy to manipulate the data.

The news cycle is a carbon copy of how the press and pundit class reacted last year when Florida was outperforming the nation and the super restrictive northeast was witnessing another series of COVID season outbreaks. Florida has very much been open since April of 2020, and now, it is outperforming the rest of the nation. According to the «follow the science» crowd, which claims that they can completely control the spread of a virus, and that there is no such thing as an annual respiratory illness season, the only logical conclusion here is that Florida’s COVID policies are superior to those implemented by any other state. According to the logic of the Faucian Temple of Government Science, the data demonstrating Florida’s superiority means every other state in the nation must at once follow Florida’s example and remove all restrictions purportedly implemented in order to «stop the spread.» All Vax Passes must be thrown out.

All mandates must be extinguished immediately in the name of The Science. Florida is currently «stopping the spread» better than the rest of the nation. The Branch Covidians of the Kingdom of Government Science mustn’t depart from their faith. Don’t be a Science Denier.

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Source: Jordan Schachtel | Brownstone Institute

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