Their athletic prowess has been lauded for years, but Daniel and Henrik Sedin possess another set of skills that are equally as mesmerizing. For Carolyn¬†Crippen, an associate prof of Leadership Studies at University of Victoria, Daniel and Henrik Sedin truly embody servant leadership. The Sedins’ leadership attributes are so compelling […]

Corey Hirsch has penned a very personal and vulnerable article on The Players Tribune. He reveals how much he struggled in the dark during his early 20s. This is a gripping story and well worth the read. Here’s a snippet: “On November 13, I pulled our trainer aside before the […]

Legendary hedge fund manager Stanley Drunkenmiller has moved aggressively back into gold after unloading during the U.S. election. As King World News reports, Drunkenmiller explained his reasoning during a recent talk at Purdue University. “He (Druckenmiller) said he was long gold and short stocks going into the election as he […]

I spend a large part of every year travelling. I’ve had the benefit and pleasure of visiting many different locales. The¬†world is filled with amazing places to visit. That’s what makes this New York Times article a must read: 52 Places to Go in 2017. Flip through it and tell […]