Some businesses are staying private. Others are getting bigger. That’s not necessarily a problem. The people who supervise the U.S. stock market are grappling with what they see as a troubling trend: One of the great innovations of Western capitalism — the public company — appears to be losing ground. […]

THE planet has rarely been so peaceful. Even with terrible fighting in such places as Congo, Syria and Yemen, wars between and within countries are becoming less common and less deadly. But a dark menace looms. Some of the developing world’s cities threaten to be engulfed by murder. Of the […]

Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist Peter Munk, who founded Barrick Gold and built it into the world’s biggest gold-mining company, has died at the age of 90. Entrepreneur and philanthropist died peacefully in Toronto, surrounded by family “Munk passed away peacefully in Toronto today, surrounded by his family,” Barrick said in […]