Professor Ehud Qimron: “Ministry of Health, it’s time to admit failure”


Professor Ehud Qimron (center) at Tel Aviv University (Haaretz)

In the end, the truth will always be revealed, and the truth about the coronavirus policy is beginning to be revealed. When the destructive concepts collapse one by one, there is nothing left but to tell the experts who led the management of the pandemic – we told you so. You do not admit it, because you have admitted almost no mistake in the last two years, but in retrospect it is clear that you have failed miserably in almost all of your actions, and even the media is already having a hard time covering your shame. You refused to admit that the infection comes in waves that fade by themselves, despite years of observations and scientific knowledge.

You insisted on attributing every decline of a wave solely to your actions, and so through false propaganda «you overcame the plague.» And again you defeated it, and again and again and again. You refused to admit that recovery is more protective than a vaccine, despite previous knowledge and observations showing that non-recovered vaccinated people are more likely to be infected than recovered people. You refused to admit that the vaccinated are contagious despite the observations. You refused to adopt the «Barrington Declaration», signed by more than 60,000 scientists and medical professionals, or other common sense programs.

Instead of the right programs and people, you have chosen professionals who lack relevant training for pandemic management .

Irreversible damage to trust

The truth is that you have brought the public’s trust in you to an unprecedented low, and you have eroded your status as a source of authority. The truth is that you have burned hundreds of billions of shekels to no avail – for publishing intimidation, for ineffective tests, for destructive lockdowns and for disrupting the routine of life in the last two years. You have destroyed the education of our children and their future. You made children feel guilty, scared, smoke, drink, get addicted, drop out, and quarrel, as school principals around the country attest.

You have harmed livelihoods, the economy, human rights, mental health and physical health. You promote, in an unprecedented way, a draconian policy of discrimination, denial of rights and selection of people, including children, for their medical choice. There is currently no medical emergency, but you have been cultivating such a condition for two years now because of lust for power, budgets and control. The only emergency now is that you still set policies and hold huge budgets for propaganda and psychological engineering instead of directing them to strengthen the health care system.

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Source: Swiss Policy Research

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