Rex Murphy: The cult of the woke and its illiberal dogma


A girl prepares to purchase a copy of Dr. Seuss' never-before-published book, "What Pet Should I Get?" on the day it is released for sale, in Coral Gables, Fla., in 2015. PHOTO BY JOE RAEDLE /Getty Images

There is a problem in the functioning of our political system. Politics, especially from the high liberal or «woke» perspective, is a call, something close to an actual order, to agree with a set of opinions on certain subjects that are handed down from above. On these matters, politics is not a call for debate, and certainly not one for compromise. To oppose or dissent on these topics is seen as a moral failure, and summarily leads to accusations that the dissenter is «racist» or a «denier,» these being the favourite terms of what passes for a rebuttal.

Taking a wayward position on any current political dogmas very much aligns with the ancient notion of heresy. These are the days of branding the whole of a person by his or her ideas, by his or her allegiance to the dogmas of the moment. These are the days of progressive judgment on generations past. The generations that constructed the social edifice in which open thoughts and reasonable differences could be ventilated without punitive response.

These current obsessions are, to say the least, undignified.

Source: Rex Murphy | NP

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