Rex Murphy: The green folly about to unfold in Glasgow could leave you cold


A climate activist from the Extinction Rebellion group blocks London Bridge during a protest on Aug. 31, 2021. The group is promising to bring traffic to a standstill in Glasgow during the COP26 climate conference to be held Oct. 31 to Nov. 12. PHOTO BY JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

I would repurpose that in these fall days of 2021 as I read all the news from Europe, of petrol shortages, swiftly rising fuel costs, extreme lineups at British gas stations, brawls breaking out at the pumps, Germany already shuddering at the possibility of a cold winter and not enough heating fuel, half the continent now on a leash to Russia’s Vladimir Putin and his gas line, plus the ever ready sultans of the Middle East musing about either raising prices or cutting supply.

Germany’s already shuddering at the possibility of a cold winter

Not having the capacity for Johnson’s pithiness, I would add that a world that offers headlines to the sour, shallow sermons of a whining teenager is in desperate need of intellectual repair. It means following the prescriptions and diktat mentality of one-issue ideologues to build what their rhapsodic minds consider policies for a brave new green world. Which to follow, will mean hardships for the most vulnerable, a degrading of the way of life for millions, and a choke point for those countries whose economies are just now beginning to offer the very poorest citizens of our world a glimpse of comfort, security, and reasonable health standards.

Source: Rex Murphy | NP

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