Rex Murphy: Trudeau too busy saving the planet to raise the flag


Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attends an evening reception to mark the opening day of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), in Glasgow, Scotland, Britain November 1, 2021. Alberto Pezzali/Pool via REUTERS PHOTO BY ALBERTO PEZZALI /Reuters

These are superb times for Canada. The country is in a blossoming moment. The ship of state glides on smooth and halcyon waters, and to quote the poet laureate of prime ministerial sycophancy, Seamus O’Regan, «Our Captain, O Captain» Justin Trudeau is the most luminous presence in every meeting of consequence on the international stage. Trudeau is like the Grammys without Beyonce.

I’m told they wait for him, our leader that is, and that nothing of world account is even broached before the prime minister of the one country with half a flag wings in, all shine and fluorescent socks. Trudeau’s selection of Steven Guilbeault as Minister of the Environment and Climate Change has raised Western spirits exponentially. Trudeau even held a meeting with his own caucus. Naturally, big international gatherings like the G20, and especially so sublime a gathering as the world’s environmentalist Sanhedrin in Glasgow, trumps governing in grey Ottawa, opening Parliament, raising the flag, or attending to the non-entities of his compliant backbench.

And remember the Minister from Greenpeace Steven Guilbeault is there too. As is to be expected that this «last» last chance to save the world will have Mr. Trudeau and the former Greenpeace ninja, assuring the faithful that they are firm and determined that the last traces of the oil and gas industry, every thought of pipelines, exploration of new fields, will be «transitioned,» meaning «obliterated» with the greatest speed and urgency. They know what’s best for all the world. They convene after arriving on more than one 400 carbon-free private jets to remake the world to fit their specious net-zero fantasies.

Guilbeault from anti-oil mania to the cabinet of our national government. Canada is now a planet-saving nation, which is so much nobler than a dull Confederation only occasionally concerned with the well-being of its half-flag self.

Source: Rex Murphy | NP

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