Sean Speer: The Supreme Court Justice who’s not afraid to shake things up


Supreme Court of Canada Justice Russell Brown, seen in a file photo from Oct. 6, 2015, was one of three justices who dissented from the court's decision on March 25, 2021, that the federal government's carbon tax is Constitutional. The court voted 6-3 on the matter. PHOTO BY ADRIAN WYLD/THE CANADIAN PRESS

In so doing, he’s become an intellectual beachhead for a nascent conservative legal movement in the country. Brown, who was appointed to the country’s top court in 2015, came with a sterling record as a legal scholar at the University of Alberta on such topics as commercial law, medical negligence and trusts and estates. But still his appointment generated some controversy among progressive critics because of blogging and other activities that seemed to out him as a «conservative libertarian».

His appointment generated some controversy among progressive critics

Since joining the court, Brown has generally avoided controversy. His written decisions, dissents and concurring opinions have exhibited a strict adherence to the law, as well as a respect for legal precedent. As such, they’re intellectual sustenance for law students and young lawyers whose ideas and values may diverge from Canada’s progressive legal monoculture.

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