The Sedins and Servant Leadership



Their athletic prowess has been lauded for years, but Daniel and Henrik Sedin possess another set of skills that are equally as mesmerizing.

For Carolyn Crippen, an associate prof of Leadership Studies at University of Victoria, Daniel and Henrik Sedin truly embody servant leadership. The Sedins’ leadership attributes are so compelling that Crippen, a qualitative researcher who focuses on servant leadership, has published three papers on them.

If you’re curious about what servant leadership is, Robert Greenleaf, the founder of the servant leadership philosophy, describes it in this way:

“Servant leadership illustrates the values of character, the belief in putting others first, of working collaboratively, and making wise decisions in an organization and using experiences of the past to show foresight in the present and future. It lateralizes leadership within an organization.”

After spending several years interacting with and researching the Sedins, Crippen asserts the Sedins exemplify servant leadership:

“They are two of the most humane and genuine people, not just athletes, but people, I’ve ever met. They’re exactly what you want to see in role models for children, they take the high-road and lead by example. They are the real deal and what you see is what you get.”

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