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It is common for many people at some point to feel a bit overwhelmed with too many ideas and things to do. In many cases, this sensation causes some people to abandon what they were doing and never finish what they started.

Sometimes it can be difficult to do all the activities of our day to day, sometimes it becomes a really difficult job. Sometimes when we start the activities we do it with the best of spirits and a great energy, while the hours go by and the exhaustion is noticed and leaves as a consequence that we abandon the rest of the fixed objectives.

Therefore, there are 5 different things to do when you are overwhelmed with too many ideas and objectives.

Create mini-deadlines

The longer it takes to complete a task, the more likely it is that we will fall victim to the “Parkinson’s Law,” which states that work expands to complete the time available for completion. The best way to combat this problem is to create mini-deadlines that force you to complete tasks within a short period of time.

Use the 80/20 rule

In simple terms, the 80/20 rule suggests that twenty percent of what you do contributes to eighty percent of the results you get. In other words, each task can be divided into activities that fall within the group of twenty or eighty percent.

Trust your instinct

Often, we hesitate to start and act on ideas, due to fear of failure, rejection, and doubt. Countless hours are spent investigating and planning to take action, but when it is time to leave the ship, we stay on the ship and do not comply with our plans.

Develop the habit of finishing

Many people have mastered the art of beginning, but few have built the habit of ending. Starting is easier than finishing, but most of the results we seek are at the finish line. The process of building the habit of ending is like any other habit.

Practice Quitting smoking

Contrary to popular opinion, the most productive and successful people give up their goals all the time: they only know what to quit and when to do it. The advantage of quitting smoking is that it redirects wasted time and energy into an unsuccessful idea or goal into a more rewarding enterprise.

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