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Due to an unequal election year map, Republicans have benefited since the Democrats have had to defend almost three times more seats than the Republican Party. The current majority of the Republican Party is 51–49.

Likewise, it is well known that the control of the Republican Senate is fundamental for Trump, with respect to the investigation of the special lawyer Robert Mueller on the electoral interference in Russia in 2016 and the possible obstruction of justice.

Similarly, Trump is expected to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who refused to supervise the investigation. In such a case that the president does, he will need confirmation from the Senate of a new candidate who could take control of the matter from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

For their part, the Republicans retained control of the United States Senate. This allowed Trump to appoint federal judges and more conservative agency officials, while at the same time protecting him from the Senate’s Democratic efforts to investigate his administration. Coupled with this, the gains of the Republican Party in three states that overwhelmingly supported Trump in 2016, along with the Republican retention of hard-fought seats in Texas and Tennessee, would leave the Democrats at about five votes less than the 51 they need to take the control of the Senate.

Now it is said that the Democrats lack sufficient opportunities to compensate for their losses, with only one seat in Arizona that offers the party an opportunity. Meanwhile, in addition to the gains of the Republicans, the party defended a couple of its most controversial seats. A clear example of this was in Texas, where Republican Sen. Ted Cruz defeated Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

Similarly, it is understood that the Republican Senate will be favorable for Trump if he seeks to replace cabinet officials in addition to the Sessions. Likewise, Trump has expressed dissatisfaction with the work of Secretary of National Security Kirstjen Nielsen, because migrants continue to cross the US-Mexico border in large numbers.

Republicans will also maintain control of the agenda and supervisory work of all Senate committees. If the Democrats had prevailed, they would have gained the ability to quote Trump and the administration and call high officials to testify.

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Source: Laura Litvan | Bloomberg

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