As clothing rentals take off, this Canadian company is expanding its offerings

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Rent Frock Repeat co-founders Kristy Wieber, left, and Lisa Owen, CBC News | James Alexander Michie

Rent Frock Repeat co-founders Kristy Wieber, left, and Lisa Owen, right, are gearing up to relaunch their company as a monthly clothing subscription service. (CBC News)

It should be noted that clothing rental options are evolving from unique suits for special occasions to subscriptions for everyday garments, and a Canadian company is expanding its closet to enter the trend.

Likewise, traditional retail chains are also entering the clothing rental business.

In this way, it could be said that as the rental of clothes takes off, this Canadian company is expanding its offers. That being the case, Rent Frock Repeat is relaunched this fall as a monthly clothing subscription service, after eight years in the designer dress rental business. In fact, Kristy Wieber, who is the president of Rent Frock Repeat, has said, “[The customers are] the ones that set this in motion, because the demand was there”.

Practical solutions

Wieber and Lisa Owen were inspired to create the company after being invited to a wedding and did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress they would only use once. They found an online US-based clothing rental company called Rent the Runway and thought their problem had been resolved. But the site was not sent to Canada.

Consequently, both suggest that “It was a light-bulb moment for both of us”, they added, “We thought it was brilliant”. There is no doubt that this idea is really established as a very practical solution for many people.

In 2011, Rent Frock Repeat began renting clothes four to eight days at a time, for a price that ranges between $ 40 and $ 595 Cdn, depending on the retail cost of the dress. Now, the company is expanding to a monthly rental subscription for daily use, from blazers to skirts, pants, and blouses. Members will receive four to six pieces each month, for between $ 99 and $ 199. Subscribers can pause their plan at any time, and more expensive options will have other benefits, such as the exchange of items in the middle of the month.

Rent the Runway has already convinced millions of Americans to rent clothes. It was first launched as a unique rental service for special clothing in 2009 and has since expanded to offer subscription plans, including an “unlimited” rental option for $ 159 US per month.

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Source: Jacqueline Hansen | CBC News

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