Australia Election Results: Prime Minister Scott Morrison Seizes a Stunning Win

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“I have always believed in miracles,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said at his victory party in Sydney. Credit Tracey Nearmy/Getty Images

The results of the elections in Australia have made it clear that Prime Minister Scott Morrison undoubtedly obtained an impressive victory. Notably, the conservative prime minister of Australia won a surprise victory in Saturday’s federal election, prompted by a populist wave, the “quiet Australians” said it resembles the force that has diverted US policy, Great Britain and beyond.

Likewise, it is necessary to mention that this victory surprised the Australian electoral analysts. Since the polls had pointed to a loss for the Morrison coalition for months. However, in the end, the prime minister mistook expectations, suggesting that the country was ready for a change of course after six years of tumultuous leadership under the conservative political coalition.

In this way, Morrison expressed in his victory party in Sydney, “I have always believed in miracles,” added to that, “Tonight is about every Australian that depends on his government to put them first. And that’s exactly what are we going to do “.

Triumph in times of growing tension

There is no doubt that the triumph of Mr. Morrison, who is an evangelical Christian who has expressed admiration for President Trump, comes at a time of growing tension in the Asia-Pacific region. A trade war between the United States and China has forced long-standing US allies such as Australia to weigh security ties with Washington against commercial ties with Beijing.

In addition to this, it is necessary to emphasize that by granting Mr. Morrison his first full term, the Australians indicated their reluctance to bet on a new leader, and chose to stay the course with a rugby lover who works hard at a time when the economy has not suffered a recession in almost 28 years.

In fact, according to a professor of politics at the Australian National University, Jill Sheppard, “Australians are very conservative: whenever possible, we cling to the status quo”, he added, “While we want to move forward on certain issues, we do not they like important disorders”.

Mr. Morrison, who kept policy proposals to a minimum during the campaign, conveyed a unique message to victory: that the Labor Party’s plans to increase spending to bolster public health, education and wage programs would blow up the budget and finish with the generation of Australia. Growth of economic growth.

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Source: Damien Cave | The New York Times

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