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Trudeau James Alexander Michie

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks at FCA assembly plant in Windsor, Ont. Friday, Oct. 5, 2018. Troy Shantz / THE CANADIAN PRESS

I am a woman. I run a company with my husband. I run a coalition of 150 companies made up primarily of volunteers.

My company, and many in my coalition, employ all kinds of men, often doing physical labour of the sort that, as a rule, men will pick to do before women will.

The Prime Minister this past week insulted every one of these men.

While participating in a gender equality panel at the G20 in Argentina, Trudeau talked about gender impacts on women.

“Even big infrastructure projects, you know, might now say, well, what does a gender lens have to do with building this new highway or this new pipeline or something? Well, you know, there are gender impacts when you bring construction workers into a rural area. There are social impacts because they’re mostly male construction workers.”

Trudeau insinuated there are social problems associated with male workers as a group (though he later denied that was the point he was making). Whether he was mindful of his insult, these are men that sacrifice in order to give their families a better life. They should be celebrated not vilified.

This man’s incapacity to understand how an economy works is surpassed only by his incapacity to understand the human condition. His obsession with gender speaks to an adolescent understanding of life in general, and Canada’s economy in particular.

That’s reflected in Bill C69, federal environmental legislation that has stipulated sex, gender and other identity factors to be relevant considerations for impact assessments and project approvals.

I don’t know about you but I don’t even know what the heck that means. Does it mean that I will be required to have half of my staff that coats and blast pipe be men?

Does it mean that I as part of a women-led company will have any advantage? None of this seems either relevant or fair. We pick the best employee for the job period. I hope that our company is awarded jobs based in the fact that we provide the best service for the best price.

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Source: Jocelyn Bamford | Toronto Sun

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