Bob Cole, the soundtrack of Saturday night, prepares final sign-off

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From being a bedridden child listening to the radio in St. John's to calling some of the biggest moments in hockey history, Bob Cole has been intertwined with the sport for his entire life. He's leaving HNIC on April 6 after 50 years in the booth. (CBC News)

The legendary broadcaster reflects on his 50-year career at the Hockey Night in Canada. In this way, he will leave the Hockey Night in Canada for the last time on April 6, after 50 years in the stand.

Definitely, Cole is a man who has helped hockey fans on countless occasions, it seems that this is his essence as an announcer. The same has earned respect in addition to the support of fans. And is that after 50 years in the stand has been quick to divert attention from himself and towards the game that he appreciates so much.

In fact, the same express, “That’s my job: make sure that whoever is tuned in today is enjoying the game, and regardless of me or whoever transmits, enjoy the game”, he added, “I received a lot of help and also many Critical, of course, that happens in something singular like what I’m doing”.

What is also a fact, is that Bob Cole does not know where his key phrase “oh baby” comes from. He has said, “I think I use that in the house, at home, if I spill something that I should not have spilled, ‘Oh baby’”, and likewise I point out. “You know, it’s just one thing, and then Mario put him in the foreground with that beautiful goal where he just surprised everyone with his ability”.

After 50 years there are plenty of memorable moments

Apparently, all hockey fans have a favorite call from Cole: that’s the kind of thing that happens more than half a century behind the microphone.

In fact, the main game announcer per game of hockey, night in Canada, Jim Hughson, has expressed, “He provided the soundtrack of some of the best hockey events in a period of four, five decades, and that’s why he must be greeted and praised. “ He also indicated, “Even when I was young, and working in the business and doing the same kind of work on a different level, my relationship with Bob turns on television”.

As if that were not enough, Cole was present when the men’s team of Canada ended its Olympic drought of 50 years with a victory for the gold medal over the United States at the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City. Referring to it, the same Cole remembered and shared “You could cut with a spoon, the tension was very dense, and when three minutes were missing we did not know who was really going to win this hockey game”.

It is considered that it would be really appropriate for Cole’s final call to include two of the most famous hockey franchises: the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens. Since both teams have been part of Cole’s life since he was a child.

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