(CNN) — The architect of Sweden’s coronavirus response has defended the country’s controversial decision not to go into lockdown, while admitting “improvements” could be made with the benefit of hindsight. As the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world and governments scrambled to enact emergency lockdown measures, Sweden was labeled an outlier for […]

Mexico City (CNN) — For months, Latin America watched the rest of the world suffer as the coronavirus spread. It is a spectator no longer. “This is the new epicenter,” said Dr. Marcos Espinal, director of communicable diseases at the Pan American Health Organization. Months after emerging from a relatively obscure Chinese […]

Champagne and bloody mary service Justin Weiler CNN | James Alexander Michie

It should be noted that earlier this year, the world’s longest passenger cruise ship departed from London. Thus, it is understood that this is a 245-day luxury trip in Viking Cruises that covers six continents, 51 countries, and 111 ports. Likewise, it is appropriate to mention an attractive and convenient […]

Battery packs are assembled inside Audi's e-tron factory in Brussels CNN Business | James Alexander Michie

It is already well known that electric cars are used to transport people or goods, which are powered by one or more electric motors, using electric energy normally stored in rechargeable batteries. It is important to mention that electric motors provide electric cars with instant torque, providing rapid acceleration from […]